How Did Ganesh Come to be Known as Chintamani Ganpati?

Lord Ganesh is the deity of knowledge and wisdom. He is the ‘Vighnaharta,’ the remover of obstacles. Chintamani Ganpati is the Lord of Siddhi (intellect and spiritual power) and Riddhi (wealth).

Ganpati, the son of Lord Shiva and Parvati, came to be known as Chintamani and has an interesting Vedic Story behind it. 

Let’s discover the Sanatan Dharma tale from the Puranas. 

Why Did Lord Brahma Pray to Ganesha, and How Did He Get the Name, Chintamani Ganpati?

Once upon a time, Lord Brahma could not focus on anything. 

He wanted to stabilize his mind so he could perform his duty as the creator of the earth. 

Lord Ganesha is the ‘Pratham Pujya,’ the first deity to receive prayers in Hinduism.

It has also an amazing Vedic Story linked that goes like this:

Pratham Pujya Chintamani Ganpati: The Lord of Solutions

A long time ago, a competition was between Kartikey and Ganesha to test who is the most revered. 

However, other deities also took part in it.

Surya, Chandra, Indra, Agni, Pawan Dev, and others were ready to participate to be named ‘Pratham Pujya.’

In the hush, they forgot all their assigned duties to establish balance on the earth. 

On the other hand, Ganesha saw that if these duties were not completed and balanced, the earth and living beings would soon be destroyed. 

Ganpati left the race and went to Kailash to perform all the duties of the gods.

He lit a lamp so that the darkness could be removed in the absence of Surya.

Ganesh blew air from his tusk so that living beings could survive the negligence of Pawan Dev.

One by one, he did all the duties of deities. He came to the competition field.

Ganesha was announced as the ‘Pratham Pujya.’ in the presence of Trimurti, the three deities, and Parvati.

From that time on, Ganesha was the god of intelligence and wisdom. 

Therefore, Lord Brahma worshipped him to gain the stability of the mind.

Lord Brahma was pleased, so he gave him his name in respect. Ganesha then came to be known as Chintamani Vinayak.

What is the Importance of Chintamani Ganpati Temple Theur

Chintamani Ganesha is the remover of obstacles. The temple is believed in a “Jagrut Devsthan.” 

It is believed that the Ganpati idol is swayambhu (self-manifested) and rests in the Theur temple.

Ganesha blesses devotees with his consorts, Ridhhi and Siddhi, standing to either side of the Lord Chintamani, the all-consoling.

What is the Legend of Chintamani Ganpati Theur Temple?

Long ago, in the Hindu scriptures and mythology, a king named Abhijeet and his wife Gunaavati were performing severe penance. 

They wished to have a son. Soon after receiving the blessings of the Lord, Gunvati gave birth to a son. They named him Guna.

When he grew up, he became a strong and greedy prince.

He became even more greedy and liked to trouble innocent people. 

After that, Gunasura started to create hurdles in the meditation of the Sages.

Sage Kapila Met Gunasura 

Gunasura had once visited a jungle for hunting with his close friends. In the forest, he met Sage Kapil. Rishi was living in the forest. 

Kapil Muni welcomed Gana openheartedly for lunch along with his friends. Ganasura laughed so hard at Muni. He pointed at the hermitage’s hut and said, “How can a poor Sage like you arrange food for us?” 

Listening to Gunasura, Sage Kapil removed the “Chintamanu,” the auspicious gem that fulfills the wish, from his necklace. 

He placed the gem on a small wooden table near him and bowed. Kapila muni began praying to the gem, and everyone at the ashram was surprised. 

A small kitchen was there. The dining area is filled with sandalwood seats to sit on. Tasty delicacies, dishes, and sweets were served in silver plants. 

Ganasura and others enjoyed the delicious meal. 

Gunasura Asked Kapil Muni for the Magical Chintamani 

After enjoying the delightful meal, Gunasura wanted to acquire Chintamani, the magical gem. He asked Kapila Muni for possession of the gem, but the sage refused to hand it over.

Sage Kapil was enlightened and knew the cruel nature of the Gunasura. 

Gunasura did not take the refusal as requested; instead, he forcibly snatched the Chintamani from the hands of Kapil. 

Kapil Muni Prayed to Chintamani Ganpati 

Kapil Muni was aware of the power and magic of the gem. He didn’t want it to be used for evil forces and adharma. 

Thus, he began to pray to Lord Ganesha for help.

Ganpati was so pleased with the prayer and devotion of Sage Kapil. Ganesh, the Lord of Auspiciousness, decided to help Kapil Muni and punish Guna.

However, on the other hand, Gunasura was not ready for the miraculous fight with Ganesh. He thought that the sage would fight with him. 

Gunasura attacked Kapil Muni without knowing his power.

Battle Between Ganpati and Gunasura 

In a blink, a huge armed force came and destroyed the army of Gunasura. 

To punish Gunasura for such a heinous action, Ganpati entered the battlefield and attacked Guna with arrows.

Ganesh, the Lord of Chintamani, a magical gemstone, threw his parashu on Gunasura and killed him.

Seeing the devastating state of his son, King Abhijeet bowed before Lord Ganesha and requested to forgive Prince Gunasura. 

He returned the Chintamani to Kapil Muni and prayed to Ganesh to give his son moksha.

Vighnaharta, the Lord of Obstacles, accepted King Abhijeet’s prayer. 

Kapil Muni showed his gratitude for helping him get back the Chintamani gemstone. With pure devotion, Sage Kapil named Lord Ganesha “Chintamani Ganpati.”

The Architecture of the Chintamani Ganpati Temple Theur: The Vighnaharta 

Chintamani Ganpati Temple Theur is the most beautiful shrine of the Lord. It is the biggest temple that is dedicated to the Lord of auspiciousness. 

The shrine displays vivid architectural styles and is the largest of the eight sacred temples, the Ashtavinayakas. 

Ganpati Temple Theur is the 5th shrine of the AshtavinayakYatra. It is situated at the union of the River Bhima and connects with the rivers Mula and Mutha.

The entry is from the north, and the main idol faces the east.

The Sabha Mandap is so extensive and made of wood. 

Festivals of Chintamani Ganpati Theur Temple 

Chintamani Ganpati Theur Temple is one of the eight 

Ashtavinayak shrine in Maharashtra. 

It is situated around Pune city and you can visit the temple easily to celebrate festivals such as Ganesh Chaturthi. This festival is celebrated with pomp and glory in Theur by devotees. 

Another festival dedicated to Ganesha is Maghi Chaturthi.

It begins in February after the three days and ends on the eighth day, or Ashtami.

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