About Us

About Us

Vedic stories came into existence with the purpose of telling stories and their essence in life and learning. The founder herself found her purpose in reading and listening to the stories. And she believes people may find their own path too to reach the unmeasured and achieve beyond their wildest dreams.

It took so much courage to come out and help people find their purpose in existence. Isn’t it? 

We hope all the knowledge seekers, storytellers, readers, and listeners dive into the vast ocean of stories and come out enlightened with Vedic Stories. 

Mission: Let’s See Our True Selves

In a world full of chaos, anxiety, and depression, we all need a mirror to look at our core and find our true selves instead of becoming someone else. 

The new generation has been distracted by social media, digital influencers, and distracting content. They are rushing towards temporary fame, neglecting the truth “Everyone has their own purpose in this life. We need to fulfill that rather than clustering ourselves with materialistic pleasure. They need to find their own way instead of stepping into someone else’s shoes. 

Through Vedic Story, we want to wake those distracted and unconscious souls to life and enjoy every moment of being alive, having purpose, satisfaction, dreams, and happiness. 

Vision: Let’s Find Our Purpose 

We are losing our true sense of knowledge and neglecting what our ancestors left behind for humankind, Vedas, Ramayana, Mahabharata, Upanishads, Purana, Smiriti, Niti, Shastra, and many more. Isn’t it our responsibility to learn them and help the unconscious ones enlightened with the essence of the purpose of human life?