How the Hindu goddess Saraswati brings life to earth with Brahma?

Intelligence is a blessing and a powerful part of the human mind. It is invisible, but whoever discovers its potential becomes successful in every part of their life. Hindu mythology has divided each part of the human body into visible and invisible parts for gods and goddesses. Devi Saraswati is the knowledge and intelligence of Hinduism. Hindu goddess Saraswati is the most important deity in India. Without her, the world might not exist, and life would be impossible. Let’s discover the stories of goddess Saraswati on the Vedic Story platform.

What is the meaning of the Hindu Goddess Saraswati?

Saraswati is a beautiful name that comes from two Sanskrit words. 

Saras means pooling water or speech. Vati signifies the one who possesses. 

Saraswati is also the one who has ponds, lakes, and water. Water is everything in the world—Pataal, Prithvi, Gagan, and beyond the human realm. 

Similarly, knowledge is also considered the pool of water that has ended. 

Goddess Saraswati is the possessor of speech. She is the voice of humans, gods, demons, and all living beings on Earth and in other worlds. 

Another interpretation of her name is that “Sara” means “essence” and “Sva” means “self,” which translates as “she who helps the one to realize the essence of self” or “she who helps one to merge with Parabrahma.”

What is the purpose of Goddess Saraswati’s birth?

Understanding the purpose of Goddess Saraswati’s birth and Stories of Saraswati, a Hindu Goddess is beyond human intervention and intelligence. However, we at Vedic Story are trying to give an insight into who the Goddess Saraswati is and what her purpose is to be present in the universe. 

Why does the formless universe need to thrive with life?

At the very beginning of our universe, there was chaos, and a blanket of darkness spread. Everything existed in a fluid state. 

Brahma came into existence and asked himself, “How to bring order to this formless disorder?

What is the origin story of Saraswati Maa?

The story of Saraswati Maa is very interesting and complex. However, we at Vedic Story are trying our best to uncover the Stories of Goddess Saraswati.  

Lord Brahma was busy thinking about solutions and how to bring order to the universe for a greater purpose. 

“With knowledge, you can bring all your imagination to life.” A voice came.

Brahma saw a beautiful goddess, Saraswati, heralded by a peacock, holding sacred books in one hand and Veena in the other. She was adorned with a white saree and came out riding a swan from the mouth of Brahma. 

“Knowledge is so powerful. It helps you find the possibilities that can solve the problems.” 

Goddess Saraswati beautifully said, igniting the fire of thinking in Lord Brahma. 

Why did Saraswati come to know Vagdevi?

Under the great influence of Goddess Saraswati, Lord Brahma gained the ability to sense, understand, think, and communicate. 

Brahma was able to look at the chaotic situations and visualize the beautiful potential the universe held. 

Lord Brahma discovered the powerful and melodious mantras in the piercing, catastrophic chaos. 

He joyfully named Saraswati Vagdevi, the serene, calm goddess of speech and sound.

How did Saraswati Maa, the Hindu goddess, fill the universe with energy?

After making Brahma realize the potential of mantras, she encouraged him to chant the sounds of hymns. 

  • Mantras’ invisible power filled the universe with prana shakti or vital energy. 
  • The cosmos started to take shape and form beautiful structures. 
  • The pitch-dark sky was filled with sparkling stars that rose from heaven. 
  • A catastrophic sea of water sank into the abyss below. 
  • Earth was filled with all the materials, which turned it into a materialized world and made it stand on an island. 
  • The cosmic energy filtered the rhythmic life into the earth.
  • As the world took shape and came up from the sea.
  • Brahma assigned the gods to be the lords of the celestial abodes.
  • Demons ruled and lived in the next world.
  • Humans inhabited the earth.
  • The sun began to rise in the morning and set in the evening.
  • The moon proudly waxed and wanted. 
  • The tide of the ocean flowed and ebbed. 
  • Six seasons have changed beautifully. 
  • Seeds have germinated, and plants and trees are blooming with colorful and eye-catching flowers. 
  • Animals roamed the jungle and mated to give life. 

The catastrophic chaos shaped the contemporary pitch darkness into the rhythm of life. 

After experiencing and witnessing such creative energy, he completed the creation process and became the creator of the world. Goddess Saraswati became his wisdom and inspiration for every creation. 

What is the meaning of Saraswati Maa’s depiction? 

Goddess Saraswati, one of the Tridevis, is depicted as the most peaceful and beautiful woman. She is often seen wrapped in a pure white saree and seated on a soft white lotus.

Saraswati is a personification of light, knowledge, and ultimate truth, as she shows the path of the primal source to meet our purpose in the given life.

What is Saraswati Maa’s iconography symbolizing?

Vagdevi is the goddess of speech and knowledge. Her persona symbolizes Sattva Guna, or purity, wisdom, and truth.

She is often seen having four hands. Sara’s four hands are the personification of Lord Brahma’s four heads: manas, or mind; buddhi, or intellect; citta, or creativity; and ahamkara, or consciousness.

What are the objectives, Hindu Goddess Saraswati holds and what does it symbolize?

Goddess Saraswati holds four objects in her hands, and those are: 

A pustaka or book: Hindu Goddess Saraswati holds the most sacred Vedas in her hand which symbolizes universal truth, divinity, knowledge, and all forms of learning. 

A Mala or Rosary: She holds and chants a mala of crystals, which symbolizes the power of meditation, spirituality, and inner reflection. 

A Water Pot: The pot she holds has the divine water, or soma, that separates truth from untrue or librates people through knowledge. 

A Veena, or Musical Instrument: She is the music, song, and rhythm. Goddess Saraswati is the creative force that establishes harmony using all the emotions and expressions in speech, art, music, and other creative energy. 

What is the Vahana of Saraswati symbolized by? 

A Hamsa: Sara is always seen with her Vahana, a swan, or a goose resting near her feet. 

Hamsa is a white-colored sacred bird. It can separate the mixture of milk and water and drink pure milk. It can separate between good and evil. 

Saraswati, the owner of her vahana, known as Hamsavahini, is the giver of moksha, spiritual, and knowledge to her devotees. 

A Citramekhala (Mayura) or Peacock: Hamsavahini is also seen with a beautiful peacock. It symbolizes joy, happiness, dance, and creativity. Peacock is a devourer of snakes and the transmuter of serpent poison into the plumage of enlightenment. 

Therefore, we at Vedic Story believe you have read the most underrated stories of Hindu goddess Saraswati Maa. 

She is the bestower of wisdom, spiritual intelligence, and creativity. Worship her with your whole heart and become a devotee.

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