Satyabhama: The 2nd Ashtabharya of Krishna and the Slayer of Narakasura.

Satyabhama is the 2nd wife of Sri Krishna. She is also known as Satrajiti, the daughter of Satrajit, the owner of a precious mani. Satrajiti is a Hindu goddess and one of the most loved wives of Lord Krishna. She is the embodiment, or avatar, of Bhudevi, or the goddess Earth. Bhu is the earth, and Devi is the goddess. Thus, the goddess of the earth, or goddess who originated from the earth, is responsible and a mother of all living things. She comes from the principal wives and Ashtabharya of Krishna, who are called the principal wives in the Indian Vedic Story. They are Rukmini, Satyabhama, Jambavati, Kalindi, Mitravinda, Nagnajiti, or Satya, Bhadra, and Lakshana, or Lakshmana.

The Legend of Syamantaka: A Divine Jewel and a Fairytale Marriage of Satyabhama and Krishna

Satrajit, the father of Satyabhama, had a divine jewel, Syamantaka. Krishna, the king of Dwarka, asked Satrajit to send the jewel to Ugrasna so that it could be safeguarded with the utmost security. As per Sanatan Dharma and ancient texts, Satrajit’s younger brother, Prasena, carried the jewel and went to the forest to hunt. He was killed by a lion in the jungle. Jambavat, the king of bears, took the jewel to his daughter, Jambavati, to play with it. For the uninitiated, Jambavat was the king of bears and helped Sri Rama, the 7th avatar of Lord Vishna, in the Ramayana.

Satrajit came to know about the deaths of his brother Prasena and the missing Syamantaka. He accused Krishna of stealing it. Krishna, on the other hand, went to search for Syamantaka so that he would wash away the allegation of stealing the precious jewel. He founded Syamantaka, which was under the protection of Jambavat.

Lord Krishna, the 8th avatar of Sri Vishnu of Dashavatar, fought with Jambavat for 28 days straight to take possession of the jewel. Jambavat finally surrendered. He recognized Sri Krishna as the incarnation of Rama, the 7th avatar of Lord Vishnu. Jambavat apologized for his mistake, handed over the jewel, Syamantaka, and prayed to him to marry his beloved daughter, Jambavati. Thus, Lord Krishna married Jambavati, and she joined the other Ashtabharya as the third wife and Queen of Dwarkadhish.

Krishna returned with Syamantaka. Satrajit came to know about what happened. He apologized to Krishna and requested that he accept his daughter, Satyabhama, as a wife and marry her.

Satyabhama: A Princess Who Knew the Value of Friendship

Princess Satrajiti is famous by the name Satyabhama and has many mentions in Indian ancient texts such as the Puranas and Mahabharata. Vana Parva, the third book of the epic Mahabharata, has shed light on the beautiful relationship between Draupadi and Satyabhama. It narrates that whenever Krishna visited Indraprastha to meet Draupadi, his friend, and his cousins, the Pandavas brought Satyabhama. They used to spend quality time in the forest of Kamyaka, situated on the banks of the Saraswati.

Satyabhama: A Curious Wife Who Looked for How to Make Krishna Happy

Queen Satrajiti was a curious wife and always looked for the opportunity to make Krishna, her lover, happy. Thus, she was filled with questions and looking for answers on how to lead a happy married life. Draupadi was the one to whom she opened up about her curiosity and asked questions related to marriage, love, and Stri dharma.

Draupadi, the wife of five Pandavas and Queen of the Kuru Dynasty, and Indraprastha were wise and intelligent women. She had a great bond with the wife of Krishna, who used to advise her on how to lead a happy and fulfilling life with a life partner. Draupadi even shared some of the greatest secrets of love. They also discussed several things, such as work, respect, relationships, and family.

Satyabhama, the 2nd wife and Ashtabharya of Krishna has also been mentioned in the Ashwamedha Parva of the Mahabharata when Bheema visited Krishna in Dwarka to invite him for the Yagna. She served Krishna and Bhima with great ecstasy.

Satyabhama: A Lover and Soulmate of Krishna

Satyabhama was a beautiful spouse of Krishna and knew everything about how to make him happy. She treated Krishna with great love and considered him her lover, soulmate, and husband rather than the Lord, as Rukmini did. That is why Krishna, too, loved her a lot and always took her with him wherever he went for expeditions and adventures.

Naraka-Chaturdashi: The Battle Between Narakasura and Satyabhama

In Indian mythology, one day, Narakasura, son of goddess Earth, made the great mistake of defeating Lord Indra and kidnapped 16100 princesses or ordinary women (also believed to be the Gopis, Lord Krishna’s lovers) in his palace.

This problematic situation leads them into a very gruesome battle with unbelievable strength and valor.

Krishna showed his great strategy and strength, and as a result, he saved 16100 princesses like a true hero. He wanted to show his prowess to the princess. She was impressed with his action, appreciated his courage, and respected him for his generosity.

During the battle, Krishna even fell unconscious due to the attack by Narakasura, who was a son of Lord Varaha, an avatar of Lord Vishnu and Bhumidevi.

In other words, Narakasura was the son of Sri Hari, and Satyabhama, the Ashtabharya of Krishna, too, was engaged in the battle with Narakasura.

However, when she saw her husband in this situation, Satyabhama decided to take action and kill the demon Narakasura.

She released an arrow; Krishna hit Narakasura, and as a result, he died.

Narakasura even stole the earrings of the goddess Aditi, mother of Indra.

Lord Indra, the king of gods, requested that Sri Krishna take some great action and defeat the demon Narakasura. Therefore, Krishna captured the city of Narakasura and fought a war with the demon. He even accompanied Satyabhama with him.

After the death of Narakasura, he retrieved the earrings and returned them to Aditi.

Aditi, the mother of Adityas, was very impressed with Krishna and Satyabhama. She was very impressed by the devotion and love, which moved her in awe. Aditi blessed Satyabhama with a boon to stay attractive and beautiful forever.

Another Hindu myth narrates that Lord Krishna took Satyabhama to the heavenly planets with him and stole the Parijata tree, then fought with Indra.

Children of Satyabhama and Krishna

Satyabhama, the daughter of Satrajit and Krishna, had ten children. They were: Bhanu, Subhanu, Prabhani, Swarbhanu, Bhanuman, Chandrabhanu, Vrihadbhanu, Atibhanu, Sribhanu, and Pratibhanu, the youngest.

Satyabhama was proud to be the wife and Ashtabharya of Krishna and the mother of his children. However, after the death of Krishna, she retired to the forest as her husband, imposed severe penance to be free from the human body, and left for her heavenly abode, Vaikunth.

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