Radhashtami- The Birth Story of Radharani

According to the Puranas, after the incarnation of Krishna on the Earth as a son of Vasudev and Devaki. Vasudev shifted baby Krishna to the Nanda Maharaja home in Gokul. He feared Kamsa’s wrath at Madhura. After Krishna spent a year on Earth, it was time for the birth of Radha, the incarnation of the supreme goddess of Gokula Dham, Radharani, from the celestial universe on the Brijbhoomi. 

Vrishabhanu Maharaja Went to the Bank of Yamuna 

Vrishabhanu Maharaja, chief of Barsana, was born in Yaduvamsha-Chandravamsha Dynasty. 

According to the Padma Purana, Brahma Vaivarta Purana, and Garga Samhita, Vrishabhanu and his wife Kirtida had no child. They wished for a baby girl. The dream of a child remained a dream. 

One day, Vrishabhanu Maharaja went to the shores of the Yamuna River at noon to take a bath.

He was praying and taking dips in the water. He saw the blazing golden lotus flower floating on the cold water of Yamuna. amazing golden lotus flower floating on the cold water of Yamuna. The flower was dazzling like a thousand suns.

The lotus floated and came closer to him, and he immediately checked on the flower. The flower carried the most beautiful and bright baby within the petals. Without taking a moment, he holds the baby Radha in his arms.  

At that moment, Lord Brahma appeared and started to speak to Vrishbhanu in a grave voice.

Previous Birth Stories of Vrishbhanu, Kirtida, and Boon from Brahma

Vrishabhanu, you were Suchandra and were married to Kalavati. She was the granddaughter of Daksha Prajapati. You and Kalavati enjoyed marital relations. After a long time, you retired from marital life to join the ashrama of Sage Agastya. Kalavati started crying madly at your departure. And I gave her a promise that she would be reborn and marry you. And the goddess Lakshmi, consort of Lord Vishnu, would be your daughter.

After narrating the whole previous birth story of Vrishbhanu and Kirtida, Lord Brahma told him to take great care of the incarnation of the goddess Radharani on Gokul. He became overjoyed upon hearing this great deed.

He asked to return home to introduce his daughter to Kirtida, his wife.

Kirtida Meets Baby Radha for the First Time

On the arrival of her husband and meeting the little divine goddess Radharani, Kirtida was astonished. The baby girl was radiating like millions of autumnal moons. She was overjoyed and thrilled to see and hold her. She started to arrange for all kinds of Vedic religious rites. And they started to donate thousands of cows to the priests, Brahmanas, and others.

Radha Ashtami: The Birth of Radharani

Kirtida placed Radhe in a gem-studded cradle. She introduced her daughter to the village people. Little girls from the village of Barsana gently rocked back and forth in the cradle. And I enjoyed seeing her laid and resting in a divine baby posture. As the days passed, the luster of Radha multiplied like thousands of moons. People were enjoying the festivities. Kirtida, Vrishabhanu, and the villagers noticed that the baby did not make any noise, and they opened her lotus eyes.

Witnessing this great surprise, Vrishabhanu and Kirtida feared their daughter might perhaps be blind and dumb from birth. As a parent to a newborn baby girl, they were concerned. At that time, Narada Muni informed them that the baby might seem disabled, but they should continue celebrating the birth of Radharani.

Vrishbhanu and Kirtida arranged a lavish birth celebration. They asked all the residents and neighbors of Ravala and Gokula to join the festival.

Radhashtami Invitation to Nanda Maharaja and Family

Vrishbhanu sent a special invitation to his dear friend Nanda and his beautiful family.

On the celebration day, villagers and all the guests from neighboring villages assembled. They began celebrating the day with great ecstasy.

Vrishbhanu and his wife welcomed Nanda Maharaja. He came with his wife Yashoda, Rohini, the second wife of Vasudeva, and their crawling kids, Krishna and Balaram. Kirtida narrated the whole story and expressed her happiness at having such a beautiful baby daughter. She was distraught due to her dumbness and blindness.

Little Krishna had just passed his first birthday and was crawling around the courtyard joyfully. He reached the gem-studded cradle in which Radhika was lying. Krishna held the cradle leg on the sides and stood up to look into the cot. His tiny lotus-bud-like eyes fell upon the beautiful and dazzling moon-like face of baby Radhe.

Little Radha smelt the divine exotic fragrance of Krishna’s (Vishnu) transcendental body. Krishna was eager to touch the baby.

Radha immediately opened her lotus-petals-like eyes for the first time.

She directly gazed at Krishna. He was the very first person baby Radha saw on Earth. 

One-year-old Krishna gazed lovingly at baby Rasika. Both were smiling as they were communicating. Radharani began to cry and made a sound for the first time.

Seeing this divine Rasleela, Vrishabhanu, Kirtida, and all the guests were excited and overjoyed. They found out that the baby was fine, like other babies.

Radha Rasa Sudha Nidhi: Divine Couplets by the Incarnation of Krishna’s Flute as Murali

Radha opened her eyes to the touch of Krishna. The glance from Radha was so powerful that Krishna’s flute slipped from his hands. The famous peacock crown slipped. The yellow shawl, too, was displaced.

Krishna was so amazed that he spun and fell to the ground.

In the transcendental language of little kids, Krishna said. “Alas, would I ever get a chance to serve you with my love and devotion, Radhe?”

You can read about the birth of Radharani and her divine activities in Shrimad Bhagavatam, Padma Purana, and Vishnu Purana.

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